As an urban city, Jakarta is already has so many apartments to provide the living place and lifestyle of the urban population. Workers in Jakarta prefer to live in an apartment that is near to their workplace. Not only that it will save much time to go to work every morning, but also you can avoid the long congestion every rush hour.

Mostly, people that lives in apartment didn’t actually buy the unit, but they rent it from someone else that is already purchased the unit. People usually purchased a unit of apartment for a long-term investation or business. That is why, mostly apartment on the center of the city has already have an owner, and can only be rented.

It is actually quite common for people to let somebody else rent the unit of the apartment, but of course there are some rules that has to be followed. In apartment case, the administration is a little bit different than if you want to rent a house. The rule is usually contains more content that organize the right for both the owner and the renter, since in an apartment, there are some public facilities that can be used together.

The Administration for Apartment in Jakarta

If the renter break the rule, they might get the consequences later, and nobody wants to deal with too much problems. So before renting an apartment, you need to know what to do to prevent problems in the future. For example, you need to pay attention to some points below for the administration:

  • When the owner of the apartment decided to let anyone rent the apartment unit, it means that the owner has already give the right for the renter to use the room, furniture, and floor in that unit during the period of rent. In this case, the owner will no more have access to the apartment unit, unless below the approval from the renter.
  • Before the apartment unit is being rented, the owner has to fill a form that shows the rights and responsibilities that is being diverted to the renter.
  • Everytime there is a renter that agreed to rent the apartment unit, the agreement of leasing has to be reported to the Apartment Administration Unit. This is important so there is some valid data for the residents on one apartment.
  • The Apartment Administration Unit then will provide the standart sheet for the apartment leasing, so that the right of the apartment developer can be protected.
  • The apaetment administrator will not take any responsibility if later there is a problem between the owner and the renter, so both of the side need to solve the problem together.

What If The Renter Decided To Move Before The Leasing Period Ended

We never knew what will happen in the future. The resident of the apartment might need to move to another city or even country before the leasing period ended. It means that the apartment will be empty. Basically, if this happens, the renter will want to make use of the apartment by renting it to another renter, so that they don’t get so much loss. But will this be a problem?

Depends on the contract that is signed by both of the owner and the renter, the leasing agreement must clearly contain the consequences if this happens. For example, if without an announcement the renter move from the apartment, usually they still need to pay for the remaining time according to the contract.

Of course it is possible to let another person rent the apartment, but of course the first renter need to discuss first with the owner, to make sure that the owner knows who is exactly living in his unit of apartment. Also, by doing this it means that the first renter already break the agreement, so he need to pay for the consequences according to the agreement. The point is, whatever you do to the apartment unit, make sure that the owner knows about it to prevent any problem in the future.

This is why an agreement is very important, to prevent any problems rise during the rent period. Follow the rule wisely, obey all the points on the leasing agreement, and communicate everything you want to change about the apartment unit with the owner, then you will get to live in peace and comfortable without any problems.