One unit of apartment that is located on the center of the city, near business district and many shopping center can be a great choice to live great in an urban city like Jakarta. You will not waste time on the road to reach a public place, even to your workplace everyday. Moreover, if you live in apartment, you can find peace without having to deal with the sound of transportation engine on the road.

But before you can rent one unit of apartment, of course firstly you need to find the perfect place first. There are many things to consider before deciding to live in one specific apartment. For example, you might need to check the location, the facilities, the size of the room, and the rent price. However, as a businessman, you might find difficulties when looking for the perfect apartment, maybe because of the limited time or you don’t really know who to contact.

Apartment in Jakarta can be rented by 2 ways. Firstly, you can find the owner of the apartment, and ask him about all the specification of the apartment. Secondly, you can just make use of the technology, search on the internet for the best property agent that is ready to help you deal with all the bureaucracy to rent an apartment. In this article, we will show you the differences.

Rent From The Owner

Many owners of the apartment actually bought the units so that later they can lease it for anybody else. However, of course not all owner has the time to promote the apartment they have. This is why most of the time, a property agent is functioning to connect the owner and the renter.

However, if you happen to know the owner of an apartment, you can directly contact him. Usually, people rent an apartment directly from the owner that happens to be their friend or colleague, so that the price might also be a little bit lower than if you rent an apartment from a property agent.

Rent From The Property Agent

Mostly, people hunt the perfect apartment from the property agent. This agent connect the owner of the apartment with the renter. Since the agent provides you with all the information you need about the apartment, you might find it convenience when comparing one apartment with another.

But you absolutely need to be careful when choosing the right agent. At least, consider these points before you choose a professional agent:

  • Make sure that the agent is from the trusted property company that has already has a name, and has its own website for marketing the apartment. If you met an agent, don’t be afraid to ask about the company background. Professional agents come from the professional company.
  • Search the company’s track record on the internet. Living in this era giving us so much convenience when looking for an information. If there is one client that feels uncomfortable when dealing with an agent, usually they will also write the review on the media. Make sure that your apartment agent is both professional and trusted.
  • Don’t forget to behave in front of the agent. Even though they need you as a client, don’t get rid of the fact that you also need them to find your perfect apartment.

When you rent an apartment from an agent, of course you will find it easier to get all of the informations you need. An agent will also help you get through all the bureaucracy when you decide to rent an apartment. Not only that they will usually suggest you the perfect apartment to live in based on your workplace location, but also you will get a clear explanation about the facility and all about the apartment. Definitely will save your time if you don’t have any acquaintance in Jakarta.

In conclusion, there are 2 options you can choose when you want to rent an apartment in Jakarta, which are by directly contacting the owner or via the property agent. Both ways has its own convenience and positive side. It is then depends on you, whether you want to spend more or less time. Good luck for finding your living place in Jakarta!