Living in an apartment is actually the best choice if you are not tough enough to face the long congestion everyday and want to live comfortably near your office in the center of business area in Jakarta. As it is the metropolitan city, there is also no many spaces left to build your own home. To rent a house is also quite hard in this dense city.

One of the best choice for apartment near Kuningan is Puri Casablanca. It is located just near to the Kota Kasablanka Mall and Plaza Festival Kuningan. It is perfect for you who works around Kuningan where most embassy is located. But if you work in Sudirman or Gatot Subroto Area, Puri Casablanca is only about 10-20 minutes away from that area.

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Puri Casablanca Apartment Specification

  • Location : Jl. Puri Casablanca No.1, South Jakarta. Located near the Kuningan and SCBD office center. About 10 minutes to reach the Sudirman or Gatot Subroto Area.
  • Area Size : 110 m2
  • Bedroom Style : 3 bedrooms
  • Number of bathroom : 2 bathrooms with a toilet, one water sink, and one shower room.
  • Apartment Condition : Fully furnished and full electronic installation. In the main bedroom, there is one king-sized bed between two table lamp beside it. In the living room, there is one LCD TV that is connected to the TV cable, with one sofa and one working table. In the kitchen, one kitchen set is complete with a stove and oven, one microwave, and one refrigerator.
  • Facility : One jogging track around the apartment, one swimming pool, a fitness center and sauna, one tennis court, children playground, function hall, car parking area, a supermarket, a food hall, ATM center, laundry facility, taxi pool, TV cable and high speed internet.
  • Rent Charge: USD 1300 per month.
  • Public Transport Facility : Puri Casablanca is 5 minutes away from the Tebet commuter station. If you want to ride Transjakarta, the nearest bus stop is in front of the Plaza Festival Kuningan, about 10 minutes walking from the apartment.
  • Public Place Near the Apartment : Beside the apartment, there is Kasablanka Mall, where many people in Jakarta loves to spend time in the weekend. Puri Casablanca is also near to the Balai Sudirman and Plaza Festival Kuningan.

Why Living in Puri Casablanca Apartment

  • The Strategic Location Near Business Center

Puri Casablanca is located just a few minutes to the business center in Kuningan and SCBD. Also, there are many embassy near the apartment, like Embassy of Australia, Singapore, Dutch, Malaysia, India, and Russia. Moreover, it is located just beside the Kota Kasablanka Shopping Center, you can also visit the Plaza Senayan or Epicentrum Walk to take a walk or shop something.

  • Complete Facilities Inside The Apartment

There are 3 bedrooms inside the apartments, means that it is perfect for a family. If you are still single, you can also share the room with your colleague. In the main bedroom, there is a king-sized bed to facilitate you to sleep comfortably at night. The bed is located between to table with table lamps above it. Of course there is an air conditioner in every room, so that you won’t get disturbed by the hot atmosphere of Jakarta. Inside the apartment, you share 2 bathrooms with shower area, one water sink, and one toilet in each bathroom.

Stepping into the living room, there is one LCD TV that is already connected to the TV cable. You can enjoy the high speed internet as often as you like. Also, there is a sofa to enjoy your leisure time after going back from work. If you are hungry, you can always cook with the stove provided in the kitchen set, or heat something up with a microwave. There is also one water dispenser and one refrigerator in the kitchen area.

  • Great Facilities Around The Apartment

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, Puri Casablanca apartment offers you some facilities like a swimming pool, a fitness center, a jogging track, and one tennis court so that you can work out everyday. After that, you may relax your body in the sauna inside the building. There is also one supermarket and a food hall if you need anything to eat after. Another facilities that can make your life easier in this apartment are laundry center, ATM center, and Taxi Pool.

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Thus, if you are interested with this offer, you might contact us on (021) 293 06 214 via phone or fax, or you can also send an email to for more information. We will guide you step by step of how you can rent this apartment safely and comfortably. Best of luck from us and wish you find the perfect apartment to live in Jakarta.