If you plan to work in Jakarta, especially around Sudirman, Gatot Subroto, Thamrin, or Kuningan, absolutely you need to consider the best place to live. Since these area are the main business center, everyday both in the morning or the evening, it is always full of people who wants to go to the office or comes back home. That is why it is preferable to choose a living place near that area, so that you can save more time rather than spending your time for the long congestion.

One of the best apartment you can consider is Casablanca Mansion. It is located just beside the Kasablanka Mall. Moreover, if you have a family, this apartment offer you a place with 3 bedrooms. Therefore it is perfect either for a family or if you live with your colleagues. The specification of Casablanca Mansion and reasons why people love this apartment are explained in this article below.

Apartemen Casablanca Mansion 300x199 - Living in Casablanca Mansion Apartment Jakarta

Casablanca Mansion Specification

  • Location : Jl. Raya Casablanca kav.9 Tebet, South Jakarta. Located near the Kota Kasablanka Mall, near to many embassy in Kuningan, suitable for businessman works around Thamrin, Sudirman, SCBD, Kuningan and Gatot Subroto.
  • Area Size : 65m2
  • Bedroom Style : 3 bedrooms
  • Number of bathroom : 2 bathrooms
  • Apartment Condition : Fully furnished and in a great conditions, ready to use. In the main bedroom, there is one queen-sized bed with a large wardrobe closet, some shelves to put stuff, one working table. There are one LCD TV, one kitchen set with a kitchen sink and a stove, a dining table for 4 persons, and in the bathroom there is a shower room, a water sink and a sitting toilet.
  • Facility : There is one swimming pool on the ground floor, a gym plus sauna, an outdoor tennis court, one Indomaret (convenience store), restaurants and cafes, free parking for one car per one rent, 24 hour ATM center and security with CCTV monitor.
  • Rent Charge: Rp 10.500.000,- per month
  • Public Transport Facility : Near to Tebet commuter train station, there is also some Transjakarta Bus Stop on Jl. Dr. Saharjo that is 5 minutes away by walking.
  • Public Place Near the Apartment : The nearest shopping area is Kota Kasablanka, but you can also reach Plaza Festival, Kuningan City Mall, or Ambassador Mall only by about 10-15 minutes. It is also near to Balai Sudirman Building in Tebet.

Apartemen Casablanca Mansion 2 300x200 - Living in Casablanca Mansion Apartment Jakarta

Why Living in Casablanca Mansion Jakarta

  • The Strategic Location

Firstly, the most important thing to consider before you rent an apartment is making sure that the location is strategic, so that you can reach both of your office or another place with a short time. Fortunately, Casablanca Mansion is located in the center of the city, so that it is suitable for any businessman who works around Kuningan, Gatot Subroto, Sudirman or Thamrin.

Also, there are many embassy that is located near this apartment, like the Embassy of Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, India, and Dutch. You can also go shopping to the nearest mall from Casablanca Mansion like Kota Kasablanka, Ambassador Mall, Kuningan City Mall, or Plaza Senayan.

  • The Fully Furnished Interior

As it has 3 bedrooms, the interior of Casablanca Mansion is quite large. You don’t need to think about filling the apartment with your own furniture, since it is already provided. For example, in the main bedroom there is one queen-sized bed with a big wardrobe closet beside it. Also, the bedroom is facing to the window that shows you the best city view from above. There are 2 bathroom with a shower room inside, a water sink, a shelve to place all your bathroom stuffs.

As you step to the living room, you will find one sofa to watch the LCD TV. There is also one kitchen in one side of the living room, where you can cook anything with the stove provided in the kitchen set. There is also one dining table for 4 persons near the kitchen.

Apartemen Casablanca Mansion 3 300x198 - Living in Casablanca Mansion Apartment Jakarta

Thus, if you are interested with this offer, you might contact us on (021) 293 06 214 via phone or fax, or you can also send an email to abdipropertiindonesia@yahoo.com for more information. We will guide you step by step of how you can rent this apartment safely and comfortably. Good luck and we hope you find the best apartment to live in Jakarta.