Tamansari Sudirman Executive Residence

Apartemen Puri Casablanca

  • Puri Casablanca 21 Br Lantai 31 Second Bedroom - Apartemen Puri Casablanca

    Nice Living Apt Puri Casablanca 2+1 Br 31 Th Floor

    Jl. Puri Casablanca No. 1
    Rp. 150.000.000 /Years
  • Puri Casablanca 2Br Lantai 30 IMG 20190626 154846 scaled - Apartemen Puri Casablanca

    Apt Puri Casablanca 2+1 Br 30 Th Floor Beautiful Furnished

    Jl. Puri Casablanca No. 1
    Rp. 150.000.000 /Years
  • Puri Casablanca 21 Br Lantai 31 Second Bedroom - Apartemen Puri Casablanca

    Apt Puri Casablanca 2+1 Br 35 Th Floor High Floor

    Jl. Puri Casablanca No. 1
    Rp. 150.000.000 /Years
  • Puri Casablanca 21 Br Lantai 35 LR 3 - Apartemen Puri Casablanca

    Nice Value Apt Puri Casablanca 2+1 Br 35 Th Floor

    Jl. Puri Casablanca No. 1
    Rp. 150.000.000 /Years
  • Puri Casablanca 21 Br Lantai 27 Main BR 1 - Apartemen Puri Casablanca

    Apt Puri Casablanca 2+1 Br 27 Th Floor Good Furnish

    Jl. Puri Casablanca No. 1
    Rp. 150.000.000 /Years
  • Apt Puri Casablanca 21 Br 25 Th Main BR 3 - Apartemen Puri Casablanca

    Apt Puri Casablanca 2+1 Br 25 Th Floor Good View

    Jl. Puri Casablanca No. 1
    Rp. 150.000.000 /Years

In which neighborhood of Jakarta is the complex located?
Puri Casablanca is at the entrance of Tebet, a middle-class, mostly residential neighborhood. It has become more upmarket recently, especially since the mall Kota Kasablanka was built. It has also benefited from the completion of the Casablanca flyover, which makes it easier to reach Central Jakarta (via Tanah Abang).

How does it look like around the apartments?
The area around Puri Casablanca is a bit strange as it is bordered by two cemeteries (Menteng Pulo and Ereveld). For me, it was not a big problem, but I’m sure it can make some people uncomfortable. If it is the case, you should know that there are only a few units that do not have a cemetery view.

This means that the neighborhood around Puri Casablanca is not very interesting. As you exit the complex, you have an empty street, then the cemetery. The only interesting thing to do is to go to Jalan Casablanca and walk to the mall Kota Kasablanka.

What are the important landmarks nearby?

Nearby, there are a few landmarks you can go to:

Kota Kasablanka is the nearest mall and you can go there by foot in 5-10 minutes (or 3 minutes by car). It is popular and busy, especially on weekends. It targets the middle to upper-class, with a good selection of shops, restaurants and services. The anchor tenants are Sogo, Carrefour, XXI, H&M, Informa, Ace Hardware and Electronic Solution.

You have several more shopping centers in Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio, for instance, Lotte Avenue, Kuningan City, Ambassador and ITC Kuningan. You need about 15-20 minutes to reach them.

You have a convenient, yet expensive, Daily Food Hall inside Puri Casablanca that has a rather large choice (imported meat, fruits, vegetables, imported products like pasta, cereals, cans, etc). For a bigger and cheaper supermarket, you can also go to Carrefour in Kota Kasablanka.

There is a handful of warungs walking distance (behind the cemetery). For more choice, you’ll need to go to Kota Kasablanka. There, you have everything from expensive Western food to cheap Asian snacks.

Bars and Nightlife:
Several restaurants in Kota Kasablanka serve alcohol, for instance, Munchies. For better nightlife, you can go to Mega Kuningan as well, 20 minutes away by car.

Tebet is a popular area for student accommodation, but there aren’t many major universities there.

Schools and Preschools:
Playdough Preschool is located inside Puri Casablanca.
A local SMA/SMP is just 3 minutes away from the complex.

None is really near, but several are within reasonable distance. Rumah Sakit MMC is the most recommended (10-15 minutes by car).

None is nearby. If you don’t find that too creepy, you can always go to the cemetery for a walk.

The Central Business District starts in Jalan Rasuna Said, at least 10 minutes away. Mega Kuningan is 20 minutes away. Sudirman is 25 minutes away.


Technically, the business district of Kuningan is not far from Puri Casablanca (1 kilometer away), but because of complicated U-turns, it can take at up to 15-20 minutes by car to get there.

By car, with normal traffic conditions, how far is the complex from:
– Jakarta Airport: 75 minutes
– Grand Indonesia Mall: 30 minutes
– Kota Tua: 70 minutes
– Kemang: 50 minutes

What are the main roads or highways nearby?
Puri Casablanca is 200 meters from Jalan Casablanca, an important street linking East Jakarta to Kuningan. It is also close to Jalan Rasuna Said, a major road going from Menteng to the highway in Gatot Subroto.

Despite being close to these streets, you often need to make very long U-turns, sometimes even if you just need to go nearby.

What is the traffic situation near the apartment?
The traffic is often congested around the apartment, even during weekends. Jalan Casablanca is used by thousands of commuters from East Jakarta and Bekasi every day.

Is it easy for taxis/Grab to find the location?
Yes. There are always at least 5 blue bird taxis waiting just outside Puri Casablanca.

Is there a Transjakarta bus stop nearby?
There is a stop in front of Kota Kasablanka but not a dedicated corridor. This means you will get stuck in traffic like everyone else. Only 3 small lines are available (6C, 6D, 6E), going to Tebet Station, Mega Kuningan and Karet Sudirman.

Is there a train station nearby?
Not really. The nearest is Tebet Station, still 5 kilometers away (at least 15 minutes by car).

How about the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) or LRT (Light Rapid Transit)?
The LRT will have stops on Jalan Rasuna Said. The exact location is unknown but it should be several kilometers away from Puri Casablanca.

Are there sidewalks? Is it possible to walk around?
The sidewalk is decent enough to walk up to Kota Kasablanka.

  • Facility:
    • Swimming pool
    • Jaccuzi
    • Barbeque area
    • Kids Play Ground
    • Minimart
    • Laundry
    • Function room
    • Gym
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