People in Jakarta, especially who works around the business district like Kuningan, Sudirman-Thamrin, or Tanah Abang, usually choose to live in an apartment near that area. Not only that it will save more time, but also by living in an apartment, you can get some facilities for a work-life balance. For example, usually there are some facilities that makes exercising easier. There are also some cafes, restaurants, or food court so that it will be easy to find food when you are hungry.

But do you now basicaly what kind of facilities that is important before choosing an apartment? At least a great apartment in Jakarta should have these facilities for the basic.

  1. 24-hours Security

Of course you don’t want to live in an unguarded apartment. That is why a 24-hours security is the first thing that should be in apartment facilities list. It is also important to choose an apartment that is equipped by a CCTV, so that there is a system to monitor whoever comes to the apartment. If there is someone suspicious, the security team can move quickly.

Usually in an apartment, there is a security team that guard the apartment from the ground floor. So that if someone tries to enter the apartment, they will be seen by the security team first. Often if it is not the tenant, they have to make a report first to the security team.

  1. Sport Facility

Now that you want to live in an apartment, you will have more time to use. Since often apartment is really near to the working place, you don’t get enough exercise for your body. This is why it is important to choose apartment with a full sport facility.

Every apartment has different sport facilities. But in the basic, there should be a swimming pool and a gym inside the apartment building. Moreover, there might also be a jogging track or a bicycle track that surrounded the building. In the metropolitan city like Jakarta, it is important to keep your health by doing some sports after working.

  1. Convenience Store

The apartment building usually located near the business district, so sometimes it is hard to find the nearest convenience store. A present of some convenience store therefore is important as a basic facility. Especially the one that provides daily needs like toiletries. So that later if you need something, you can find it easily on thr convenience store below the building.

  1. Cafe and Restaurants

Are you the one person who can’t work before drinking a cup of coffee? Or you don’t want to cook everyday in your apartment? Then you should find an apartment with some cafes or restaurants. A lot of apartment in Jakarta has its own cafe and restaurants, or usually there are some food court near the building, so that if you need to eat in the middle of the night, you can just directly go to the cafe or the restaurant. Also, in the morning you can have a coffee before going to work.

  1. Transportation

This is rather important if the apartment is located far from the main road. You need to make sure that you can go wherever easily from your apartment. Some apartment provides a shuttle that has a specific schedule, so you can ride it whenever there is a schedule. But some apartment in the center of the city doesn’t have this facility since it is already near to the main road.

  1. Waste Disposal

Of course you don’t want a smelly apartment that doesn’t have a good waste disposal system. This one is also important when choosing an apartment, make sure that there is a schedule for waste disposal everyday by the management, or at least you know what to do with your waste.

  1. Parking Space

While it is so hard to park your vehicle in Jakarta, not many apartment provides enough space for all the tenant’s vehicle. This is why before you rent one, and if you have a private vehicle, you need to make sure first that you will get a parking space. Usually, one tenant will get one space for a vehicle.

In conclusion, the basic facilities of apartment in Jakarta are including a 24-hours security, sports facility, convenience store, cafe and restaurants, transportation, waste disposal, and parking space. If you need to find an apartment with a complete facilities like above, you can contact us and we will guide you step by step to find the perfect apartment with a complete facilities in Jakarta.