Living in an apartment has became a lifestyle for urban population, especially in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia where the major business district is also located at. For you who are currently planning to rent some units of apartment, usually you will need to prepare budgets for the deposit fee.

Mostly, if the apartment has a good management, they will charge some amount of money when someone rent the unit. Therefore, when there is some damage to the unit during the residents live there, according to the agreement, the owner of the apartment might charge some amount from the deposit to fix the damages. So that later when there is a new residents, they will get the same quality of apartment unit, just like when it is first rented.

The deposit amount absolutely different for each apartment, but usually the amount is about the fee for a one-month rent. This deposit later can be yours again as a resident, as long as you make sure that the deposit is safe. Below are some important things you should do if you want the deposit safe and can be withdraw on the end of the rent period.

  1. Pay Attention to The Apartment Lease Clauses

Since you will be investing some amount of money for the apartment deposit, there will be an agreement/lease clauses between you as a renter and the owner of the apartment. The apartment lease clauses consists of a few papers that explain the condition if you want to get the deposit back. For example, you might find on the lease clauses that, unless you keep the wall clean with no stains or scratched, you won’t get the full deposit.

Not to mention that some apartment owner can inspect the unit incidentally, if it is mentioned on the lease clauses. So make sure that you understand the clauses by reading it thouroughly, and discuss first if there is something you want to change or disagree.

  1. Take Some Before-After Documentations

Remember that the most important thing is after you live in one unit of apartment for some time, make sure that the quality of the furniture and room is the same life before. To ensure that your deposit is safe, you can do some documentations for the before and after photo. So that later you can prove that there is no much different of the apartment condition, and of course later you can claim the deposit.

Documentation is also important, so that you will have a proof of whether the damage is caused by the latter renter or by yourself. So be careful and pay attention to all of the damage that might be already there before you live on the apartment unit.

  1. Surveying With The Owner

After you did some documentations, you can also make an appointment with the owner to show the damage that has already been there before you live in the unit. This way there will be no misunderstanding later in the future, and it will be easier to claim back your deposit.

  1. Claim Back Your Deposit

On the end of the renting period, don’t forget to contact the owner to claim your deposit back. But of course there will be a little inspection from the owner to verify whether all the requirements to get the deposit back is already fulfilled by the agreement on the lease clauses.

If there is some damage that you think wasn’t caused by you when you live in the unit, you can show the documentation as a proof, or remind the owner that in the first time this damage is already been there when doing the survey.

In conclusion, your deposit can be safe in the hand of the apartment owner, as long as you obey the lease clauses, take some documentations to show the before-after condition, survey with the owner before moving, and claim the deposit back on the end of the rent period. Of course you also need to maintain all the furniture on the unit, so that in the end of the rent period, there will be no much damage and you can easily claim the deposit back.